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Rotterday is an everchanging cityguide updated half-yearly. Where most guides only show you the biggest, busiest and most famous places in town, we show you a selection of finest spots around the corner, both renowned and newcomers. This is where people from Rotterdam like to eat, drink, shop, see and wander around. Rotterday is free and available at your hotel, hostel and all throughout town.

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After Rotterday and Day Hague of course: Amsterday

Already with the first edition of Rotterday people started asking when the obvious follow up in Amsterdam would come. We however believed this required a careful approach but now the time is ripe. With the right people in Amsterdam we are currently doing the finishing touches to the newest member in the Day Cityguides family: Amsterday. We cannot wait to show you the result. Stay tuned on the Amsterday Instagram.

Rotterday MINI Electric special edition guide

For the location of the worldwide launch of their first full electric car, MINI chose the energy hub city Rotterdam and invited Rotterday to make a special edition guide, celebrating all sustainable and energy neutral initiatives in town.




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